Assisting our clients in making informed Real Estate decisions by providing
complete, affordable and easy to understand Real Estate Appraisal reports.

Technology minded appraisals

Mobile Optimized

Our reports are mobile optimized and we can ensure you that no data or information gets lost in translation while your reports are being generated.

Appraisal Platforms

Each and every report is generated from scratch using cutting-edge appraisal platforms, providing industry leading accuracy.

Secure Database

We integrate public records with our secure databases and make the process more efficient every step of the way.

Fast Turnarouns

Stop waiting for long periods to get your appraisal reports. Our standard delivery time is less than one week, the fastest in the industry.

Client Portals

Say goodbye to lengthy printed out reports. Our clients access their data through from our secure portals.

Appraisal Services

Commercial Appraisals

Commercial Appraisals are our specialty. We Value Appraisal produces commercial appraisals for lending, estate planning, trust, divorce, business partnership dissolution, and property tax assessment purposes.

Residential Appraisals

Residential Appraisals are a vital part of the buying and selling process, when it comes to purchasing or selling a home. Our appraisals establish a property’s true market value, with honesty and integrity.

Estate Trust Appraisals

Establishing a fair market value of an estate, after the death of a loved one is a necessary and sometimes stressful task. As an executor,  you have been entrusted to carry out the wishes of the deceased, as promptly as possible. Count on us to act swiftly and sensitively to everyone involved.

Apartment Building Appraisals

We Value Appraisal has administered appraisals on many types of apartment buildings throughout Los Angeles County and the entire state of California.

Estate Tax Appraisals

With legislation that’s constantly changing, we help you maximize tax interests in an estate plan. We properly assess fair market value of your real property with all tax obligations considered, helping you maximize returns.

Pre-Sale Listing Appraisals

Our professional opinions are credible when it comes to pre-sale listings. We accurately consider all renovations and deficiencies, differences in neighborhood values and price per square foot.

IRS Real Property Appraisals

It’s important to choose an appraiser who is experienced in preparing appraisals to be used by the IRS. We carry a great reputation and our clients trust us when working with the IRS.

Litigation Support Appraisals

We Value Appraisal recognizes each case has different circumstances. We help our clients develop a robust litigation strategy tailored to their needs.

Bankruptcy Appraisals

We are veterans and well-respected with a proven history of establishing superior bankruptcy appraisals, in any area.

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